Edit yourself...

You say a lot online. And you say those things in many different places. mySpout lets you see everything you post online at a glance.

All your posts

Easily connect to all your social networks. mySpout will show you everything you say in our user-friendly stream view.

Search and Filter

Use our powerful filtering tools to locate posts you've made based on whatever criteria you specify.

Wicked analytics

Let us teach you about yourself. We analyze what you say, give you insight, and make suggestions.

Why do I need it?

You made a great call

Remember last year when you told everyone to stay away from Facebook's stock? Well now that its in the toilet you can remind people of your Nostradamus-esque skills.

Your mother in law adds you on Facebook

For joy! Your new mother in law has discovered social networking and she just added you on Facebook. But before you click "confirm", wouldn't it be a good idea to make sure your profile is squeaky clean?

Your boss wants to be friends

Yes we know that sucks. But it happens and if you value your job it is probably a good idea to make sure you minimize those anti-establishment tweets.

Your favourite band sucks

It happens. You are a big fan, touting your band all over the web. Then one day you discover that their values are no longer in line with yours. It would be really great if you could identify every post online where you said you "would die for Nickelback".

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